Day 13: It’s Like A Sauna Out Here

The temperature in Yellowstone today peaked at a very pleasant 78 degrees, but all around us was evidence of the thermal energy that lies below. All along the roads are steam vents, hot springs, and boiling hot mud puddles. It’s beautiful but also a bit scary to think of all the energy that is still mostly trapped in the earth below.

We started the morning with the 8:49 showing of “Old Faithful”. The park service sign said 8:49 plus or minus 10 minutes. Doesn’t sound that faithful to me, but sure enough right on schedule a giant plume of steam and scalding hot water came shooting up. It was neat to see, but must be amazing during the winter months when there is snow everywhere.

We then spent the rest of the day touring the various roads of Yellowstone and stopping to take in the sights along the way. There are a ton of Buffalo that roam the park. It’s both amazing how close some people are willing to get to an animal that could easily kill you with a swipe of its horns and also how oblivious people are to other cars as soon as they are an animal. We passed buy a standoff between a buffalo and a small sedan. I imagine the buffalo was thinking “yup I’m standing here, what’s it to ya”.

We stopped for lunch at Roosevelt Lodge and where able to get on the ice cream ride too! Our day concluded with a trip to Lake Yellowstone so Kona could go for a swim. Then back to camp for dinner and another night laying under the stars. Next stop, Boise, ID.

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